Plant-Powered Fuel

Loaded with healthy fats, protein and carbs, these recipes are a great way to fuel any exercise activity

Quick & Easy 🚴‍♀️Bike🚵 Bars
3/4 C oats

3/4 C raw almonds

1/2 C hemp seed

2 C or 12 pitted dates (or a mix of dates + raisins or other dried fruit)

2 T maple syrup

2 T melted coconut oil

Vegan chocolate chips (optional)

In a mini food processor or clean coffee grinder: Process oats into a flour, then pour into a mixing bowl. Process almonds into a flour and add to the bowl. Add hemp seeds to the mixing bowl. Stir flour mix. Process pitted dates with ¼ C of the flour-seed mix until a clump forms. Add to the bowl along with maple syrup and melted coconut oil. Use clean hands to form the “dough”, mixing in optional chocolate chips. Press into a square on parchment or in an oiled baking pan and allow to harden in fridge before slicing into bars. Store in fridge 5 days or freezer up to 3 months. 

Smoothie FuelBerry Green Hemp Smoothie Blend until smooth: 1/2 C plain 🥛hemp milk + 1/2 C water, spoonful each of 🥑avocado (almond butter works also) + hemp seeds, handful kale, 2 handfuls spinach, frozen berries (about a cup or so), + 1 frozen banana (peeled & sliced)🍌🌼🙂🍓 or try this one…Almond Milk Berry Green Hemp Smoothie 1 3/4 C calcium-enriched almond milk blended with 1 frozen banana + 1 cup of frozen berries, a spoonful of hemp seeds (adds good fats/protein + a creamy texture), handful kale + 2 handfuls spinach

Creamy Green 3-Ingredient Smoothie2.5 frozen 🍌bananas blended w/ 1 C calcium-enriched 🥛soy milk + 2 handfuls spinach = a great post-workout smoothie on a hot day (add a spoonful of hemp seeds for extra protein):-)🚵

Pulse PoweredRed Lentil Carrot Juice Smoothie This smoothie takes a little work beforehand but is worth it🙂
¾ C Trader Joe’s bottled carrot juice spiced with lemon juice, black pepper, turmeric, & chili powder (no sugar added)

½ C cooked split red lentils (cold)

1 ripe banana (fresh or frozen)

5 ice cubes (if not using frozen banana)

Blend until smooth & enjoy!

To make split red lentils, bring to boil then simmer 20 minutes ½ cup washed split red lentils (I buy mine at Trader Joe’s) in 1 cup water. Add salt to taste. Store in fridge up to 5 days. Tip: Red lentils are also great added to a bowl of oatmeal.

Smoothie recipe adapted from Eating Well magazine’s pulse power article (July/August 2017) which also has recipes for green and purple red lentil smoothies

Tangy + Creamy Orange & Green Hemp Smoothie Blend 2 frozen straw🍓’s, ice water, 🍌nana, 1/2 peeled cuc🥒, 1 orange🍊, 2 handfuls spinach + 1 handful kale, 1/4 avo🥑, scoop of hemp seeds Healthy + Yum🍓🍊🍌

Whole Foods Fuel

Farro, Steamed Kale & Tempeh White Bean ChiliChili ready in 20 minutes…sauté 1 diced shallot, 3 minced garlic in a splash of veggie broth 5 min then add crumbled tempeh (pre-baked in tamari, onion flakes & garlic powder at 425F 22 min) + a couple TBS canned green chiles, a big pinch of dried oregano & 1/2 t cumin. Stir and let cook 1-2 min with a splash of broth then add a 14-oz can of drained white beans + about 1-1.5 cups of veggie broth. Allow to heat through then add a TBS of nutritional yeast flakes. Remove from heat. Top with toasted pumpkin seeds or avocado for some healthy fats.

Quick & easy tofu kidney bean curry over white riceSauté 1/4 onion (shallot is good also), 3 garlic, small piece fresh ginger, 1 bay leaf, 1/2 red bell pepper + about a cup or so of white mushrooms. I use vegetable broth to sauté 6 min then add 2 t curry powder, a pinch of thyme & cinnamon + about a cup of sprouted or extra firm cubed tofu. Cook 2 more minutes then cover with veggie broth (water is good also), a can of lite coconut milk + about 3/4 can of kidney beans (drained/rinsed). Heat on low until warmed through then it’s ready to serve:-). Recipe modified from Isa Chandra’s Caribbean Curry Black Eyed Peas with Plantains


My vegan version of The Pioneer Woman’s easy black bean burgers 2 14-oz cans black bns (drained/rinsed) 

1/4 chopped onion 

1/2 C ground oats + 1/2 C whole grain bread crumbs (I use my spice grinder–coffee grinder bought just for nuts, seeds, spices etc–to grind both)

2 garlic minced

1 t cumin 

2 T salsa 

1 T ground flax mixed with 2 T warm water (let it gel) 

Mix everything together with clean hands and place in fridge 30 minutes or overnight. 

Use oil or water on hands to form 6 burgers. In an oiled or non-stick skillet cook 5-7 minutes each side on medium heat. To freeze: place uncooked burgers on baking tray 45 min then to a freezer- safe container. Place in fridge night before using. 

A simple supper…guacamole, bean & rice chips, steamed broccoli, red lentil carrot soup

For the soup, simply sauté 1/2 chopped onion, 2 minced garlic + 2 carrots for 5 min (in a soup pot) then add 2 C of water or veg broth + another 2 C water. Add 1 C washed split red lentils & simmer 30 minutes.

🥑Guac🥑: mash 1/2 avocado, S&P, lemon juice & salsa (all to taste)

Supper Spreadspinach-cheese quesadillas, bean & rice chips, homemade refried beans + tofu sour cream, guacamole, steamed broc

For beans, sauté 2 garlic in a bit of vegetable broth 2 minutes then add 2 T green chiles from the can, 1 t taco seasoning + 1 14-oz can pinto beans (drained/rinsed then mashed). Add a splash of broth if sticking then remove from heat

Tofu sour cream is a blend of 1 box silken tofu, juice of 1 🍋 & salt to taste

For the quesadillas I use Daiya pepperjack + let spinach wilt in skillet



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