Recipes From Scratch: Healthy Oat & Flax Quick Bread, Sweet Potato Brownies, Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies & No-Knead Pizza Crust 

Colorful Vegan’s Whole Wheat, Oat & Flax Quick Bread
Set oven to 350F. 
Ingredients you will need are:

1/4 cup ground flax seeds (whole seeds need to be ground in a spice grinder (aka, coffee grinder used just for seeds & spices), using 1 TBS to serve as a “flax egg” (**see below)

1 cup oats, ¾ cup coarsely ground in the spice grinder leaving 1/4 cup of oats whole

1 cup whole wheat flour

2 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp salt

1 cup soy milk (or any non-dairy milk)

2 TBS maple syrup

First, take **1 TBS of the ground flax and add it to a small bowl with 3 TBS very warm water.**Let sit for 5 min or so then add the maple syrup to the flax “egg”. 

Now to a mixing bowl add flour, oats, dry flax, salt & baking powder. Mix then add in soy milk + flax egg-syrup. Stir until just combined being careful not to over-mix.

Pour into a parchment-lined loaf tin. Batter will be sticky. Into oven for 30 minutes. If a fork comes out clean when stuck through the bread, it is done.Options are endless…Toast bread slices and spread over vegan butter & jam, melted vegan cheese, nut butter, hummus, or try mashed avocado with a spoon of tahini, dash of salt & fresh lemon juice…or simply dip bread into a bowl of warm soup.

Cranberry-date-apple jam can be found here.

Doubling Recipe: When testing a fuller loaf, aside from 3 tsp baking powder, I doubled all the ingredients. I baked at 350F for 50-57 minutes, checking with a fork after 48 minutes. Turned out great, maybe only a little taller though…

Deliciously Ella’s new & improved sweet potato brownies Ingredients I used: Oats and raw almonds (processed separately in the food processor), coconut oil, maple syrup, raw cacao powder, baked and peeled sweet potatoes + pitted medjool dates. The glaze is a sweet chocolatey almond butter glaze (I used crunchy no salt almond butter). Note: I halved the brownie recipe ingredients but kept the glaze recipe as is baking at 350F for 35 minutes. Elaine Gordon’s soft-baked chocolate chip almond cookies from The Washington Post…gluten-free, low sugar, chewy. My Ingredients: oats, raw almonds, flax seeds (all ground separately in my spice grinder–aka, coffee grinder used for spices, nuts, seeds), doubled the choc chips, baking soda/powder, salt, crunchy salt-free almond butter, soy milk, & maple syrup. Photo taken by my husband. 

Jenny Can Cook’s Easy Pan Pizza. A no-knead pizza crust recipe. Used Follow Your Heart shredded mozzarella and made a quick sauce blending 4 roasted garlic cloves, about 1/2 tsp oregano, a 14-oz can of tomatoes & a small 6-oz can tomato paste (which makes enough for 2-3 🍕🍕’s). 

More Homemade Pizza Crust Recipes:

Richa Hingle of the Vegan Richa blog has an easy looking pizza dough crust recipe.

Try my recipes for cauliflower crust pizza (pictured) or quinoa crust pizza.

Whole wheat pizza crust recipe from Cookie & Kate (thin crunchy crust)…

More recently, I made a chickpea flour pizza crust (aka, socca)Equal parts chickpea flour (1 C) to water (1 C), adding 2-3 T olive oil + Italian herbs (I used a pinch of oregano, salt & pepper). Par-baked at 450F in an olive oil-lined cast iron skillet for 15 minutes then topped with sauce and shredded Daiya pepper jack cheese baking 5 more minutes.


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