Healthy Eats for 2016 

Creating big bowls of veggies, grains and a vegan protein drizzled with a sauce is a fun and healthy way to begin your 2016. Ideas are endless! 

Tips for the perfect bowl: 

  • Add nuts or seeds for crunch.
  • Choose a sauce: Post Punk Kitchen and Hot for Food blogs have popular vegan cheese sauce recipes; try a tahini sauce (sweet or savory); add a dollop of hummus or guacamole; drizzle with soy sauce or tamari (wheat-free, low-sodium soy sauce) or peanut sauce. Blend your own vegan sour cream using silken tofu, salt & the juice of a lemon. 
  • Pack in extra veggies + a meat substitute like tofu, seitan or tempeh for more bulk. 

Healthy Vegan Bowls: Roasted Veggie Bowl: Roasted beets, carrots, garlic, red onion, kale & white beans topped over rice with toasted pumpkin seeds & guacamole (made w/ salsa, salt & pepper). 

Fiesta Bowl: Brown lentils, black or pinto beans and rice with chopped steamed spinach, salsa, roasted pumpkin seeds + guacamole with cashew cheese queso or tofu sour cream. Try Cookie & Kate’s burrito bowl recipe

Ultimate Vegan Bowl: Baked tempeh & butternut squash cubes, steamed kale & broccoli, with crushed peanuts or sunflower seeds, served over quinoa. Drizzle with a tahini sauce. Add noodles for more bulk. Try this noodle bowl with kale, crispy tempeh & tahini sauce from Letty’s Kitchen.  Buddah Bowl: Roasted garbanzo beans and cauliflower + steamed kale, cubed sweet potatoes, and a vegan cheese sauce or hummus. Try this sweet potato chickpea buddah bowl recipe from Minimalist Baker. 

Asian Noodle Bowl: Tofu cubes, green beans or snap peas, carrots, red cabbage, shallots, peanuts or sesame seeds, mango slices, with tamari or peanut sauce, all topped over a bed of rice or quinoa or ramen noodles. Minimalist Baker’s blog has an easy vegan ramen recipe.  

African Peanut Bowl: Crunchy peanut or almond butter spruce up an ordinary kidney or pinto bean, steamed potato & rice bowl. Throw in some sauteed onion, garlic, ginger and green bell pepper + crushed peanuts or almonds and hot sauce. Try this African peanut stew recipe from Budget Bytes.

Fajita Bowl: Sauteed seitan strips, bell pepper, onion, garlic, & jalapeno all sauteed with chili powder and cumin, served over rice, with a warm tortilla, mashed avocado, fresh lime juice and pico de gallo.  

  Indian Bowl: Yellow split peas or red lentils cooked with white rice (called “Kitchari”) and turmeric powder. Add to the simmering kitchari yellow mustard seeds and cumin seeds that have been dry roasted on the stovetop until they pop. Garnish with fresh lemon juice and hot sauce + chopped steamed spinach and serve with warm flatbread. Try these kitchari recipes from The Washington Post.
Note: Look for seitan, tempeh, and tofu in the produce department (cold products) at Whole Foods or your local health food market. For a pre-cooked rice option, Tasty Bites brand is my personal favorite (found in dry goods).

Go online for recipes by typing in keywords like “best ever vegan fajitas”, “vegan kitchari”, “vegan ramen bowl”, etc. 

Books: Vegan Bowls by Zsu Dever; Isa Does It by Isa Chandra Moskowitz contains a chapter on bowls (tip: Try the library).

Happy New Year! 

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