Healthy Plant-Based Car Travel Food (low fat, low sugar, low salt, zero oil):

Car travel for me = not fun. It’s painful b/c of my chronic pain + I get car sick. One way I cope is by snacking. I pack healthy options that don’t leave me feeling bloated or even more exhausted. Once there I am usually better by the next day… See, I am smiling!

Prep is key but time-consuming and good to do a few days before. Here is what we eat while on the road:

Before taking off, we have a hearty breakfast like R’s superfood oatmeal or a double portion of my raw vegan cereal along with our daily fill of caffeine (soy or hemp lattes) R packs several superfood oat bags to mix with hot water in a stainless steel container for each morning (I usually just eat a few bananas and drink a large latte while there).

I prepare a huge bag of chopped apples & carrots + roast a bunch of chickpeas which make a light, filling & satisfying travel snack. 

For longer-lasting fuel, hummus 

packed with celery, carrot & bell pepper sticks and/or celery & apple slices with almond butter and/or small bags of dried fruit and nuts (1/4 cup total in a bag). I’ll also make sure to have plenty of bananas along with other fruit we have (#9 is a vegan cookbook bestseller–yeah!). Bananas are my bagel replacement– I used to eat about 4-5 bagels a day, now I eat the same amount in bananas. I feel much better– those bagels would sit in my stomach like a rock.

For lunch I pack a very large salad and use lots of fresh fruit as my “dressing” with nuts, seeds and beans as my fat-protein combo. Or use hummus, nutritional yeast flakes, & avocado to bulk up a salad as seen in the photo below:This will get me to dinner. 

R will usually pack a burrito or almond butter & jam tortilla or eat dinner leftovers with quinoa, potatoes or rice.

Up to a month (or at least 2 weeks) before the trip, I will make a double batch of a meal and freeze a portion for my dinners on the road. Currently I have frozen mung bean tomato soup, white bean & corn stew, & an almond butter stew.   I usually will make R beet or black bean burgers  

plus bring along pre-cooked rice and boxed beans. Mixing beans, rice & beet burger crumbles with some torn spinach–adding in some avocado and salsa–make an excellent dinner.
Eating out is usually not something we do except for our AM soy lattes. I prefer to know exactly what is going in my body and do not like oily foods which is found in most all restaurant food. When I eat a salad, it is usually a salad meant for 6 people. So we look for the nearest grocery store to stock up, and try to stay at an airbnb or vacation rental or at least a hotel with fridge and microwave. We pack our utensils, bowls, a swiss army knife, and napkins. I’ll bring my Fred Meyer immersion blender to make smoothies and preserve them in our Hydro Flask containers. I also pack hot sauce, salt & pepper + lemons for added flavor. 

Eating the way I do means always having fresh fruit and veggies on hand. More healthy foods while at our vacation spot: 

  • Frozen berries & soymilk in a bowl with a few almonds
  • Just-add-hot-water soups (the McDougal soups are a healthy option)
  • Soy or coconut yogurt (plain unsweetened) with banana & berries
  • Chop & microwave apple slices with some water–mash and eat. Add walnut pieces & chopped dates for more crunch & sweetness
  • Blend a smoothie: 1 cup non-dairy milk, cacao powder, heaping spoonful of nut butter, 1-2 over-ripe bananas, small handful spinach, & 1/4 cup frozen berries
  • Microwave frozen veggies + edamame + (optional) rice– top with salt & pepper, sesame seeds & soy sauce (if we happen to have), or even a mashed avocado + salsa or hot sauce

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