On-the-go day of plant-based food 

   Soy Latte & Vegan Muffins (these are from Trader Joe’s)

Lunchtime salad(s) from a local vegan cafe

Snacks: Lots of fruit, dates, and a smoothie to go (this was made with soy milk, almond butter, spinach, bananas, cacao powder, a few cashews, dates, mixed frozen berries)



Healthy suppers from local plant-based restaurants   

Healthy 4-ingredient Chocolate Pudding: 1 small avocado, 2 TBS cacao powder, 6 TBS soy milk, & 2 TBS agave. Blend, cool in fridge 1 hr, & enjoy!

For a quick & healthy evening snack– chopped apple & orange–fewer calories and just as filling.


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